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Our history...

The history of the “Palios” Feta cheese, with its distinguished and traditional

taste, which became known abroad as well, started back in 1955 in the

mountains of Macedonia.

The farmer Christos Palios, having in his possession a flock of 3000 sheep and goats, produced such a tasty cheese that it was in high demand, and, as a result, he started buying milk from other farmers in order to meet the demand. Having been moved from place to place, in 1959 he settled in a Thessalian village located in the foothills of the Mount Olympus. There, he started a cheese factory, collecting almost all of the milk from the local farmers. His cheese factory gained reputation beyond the local sphere, and his customer list has been expanded throughout Greece. 

What made this cheese unique and sought-after was its quality characteristics. Hard feta cheese with a rich, intense, slightly sour taste, that leaves all tastes of the Greek nature in the mouth.

His son, Giorgos, was introduced to the art and secrets of this tasteful result already at an early age. In 1980 he took over the business.

Palios dairy

The cheese factory was modernised and expanded. Continuous investments in equipment and facilities are made in order to insure the best quality, while the business has developed cooperation with major supermarket chains throughout Greece.

Now, our cheese factory has state-of-the-art facilities and applies new cheese-making systems, but, at the same time, remains true to the traditional method of cheese-making. We use strictly selected raw materials and 100% Greek sheep’s and goat’s milk. We strictly apply Quality Management Systems in accordance with ISO 22000 and are in constant cooperation with the competent authorities. Our milk, containing 80% sheep’s milk and 20% goat’s milk, is collected from farmers who comply with the strict hygiene rules and produce the most tasteful milk. It is collected on a daily basis, exclusively from the region of Thessaly, and transported in privately-owned tanks in order to arrive within a few hours, in a fresh condition, and the cheese-making process to be started immediately.

Today, we, the third generation, reliably and with consistency, continue to produce and meet the needs of our customers, regarding quality and price. True to our family recipes, we produce the PALIOS dairy products with devotion and guarantee their authentic taste. Our primary goal is not the continuously increased production with only the notion of profit in the background. Our goal is to constantly grow without, however, the quality of our products to be undermined. We want to provide our customers with products with the same traditional taste that made them known and established them on the market in 1955.

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